Event details


SeatOn Clover - Event details


Event details screen shows detailed information about specific event. It is divided in four tabs:

  1. Main details
  2. Change history
  3. Notifications
  4. Reservation Fee

Furthermore, you can edit, or reopen the event if it is closed.

1. Main details

"Main details" tab is divided in four subsections:

  1. Event type
  2. Event details
  3. Paying information
  4. Customer data


1.1 Event type

This subsection displays information about event type (Reservation, Walkin), current event state (Open, Closed), user who created the event, and user who made last modification to the event. Also, a source where the event was created is shown (Clover device, SeatOn Web app, Restaurant's web page, Restaurant's Facebook page, Restaurant's Google page)

1.2 Event details

Event details subsection lists following information about the event:

  • Time - for reservations, expected start time. For walk-in events, actual start time
  • Number of seats - number of covers
  • Expected duration - approximate duration time if the event is still open. Actual duration, if the event is closed
  • Tables - occupied tables for this event
  • Note - any specific note about this event
  • Time reserved - for reservations, time when the reservation was made.
  • Time confirmed - for reservations, time when the reservation was confirmed
  • Time seated - time when the customer was actually seated at the table
  • Time closed (paid) - time when the event was closed. If the event is still open, this field is empty

1.3 Paying information

This subsection shows event revenue information (amount & tip), as well as current event status.

1.4 Customer data

This subsection shows customer who is the owner of the event, and essential data about the customer:

  • Membership status - For more information about membership groups, check the Settings/Membership page
  • Email - customer contact email
  • Phone - customer contact phone
  • Note - note about customer
  • Favourite table - customer favorite table, if it exists
  • Allergies - any allergies that customer has, if data is available


2. Change history

"Change history" tab shows table with all changes to the event after creation of the event. Following columns are included:

  • When - time of the change
  • Description - description what kind of change has been done
  • Changed by - user who made the change


3. Notifications

Notifications tab shows list of all communication done with the customer related to the selected event. Notification messages which were communicated are shown in a list with the four columns:

  • When - time and date of the notification message
  • Channel - communication channel (Email or SMS). PLEASE NOTE that sending text to customer mobile phones is available only for US and Canadian users.
  • Direction - target of notification message (To Customer, From Customer)
  • Text - notification message text



4. Reservation Fee

This tab shows if the guest was charged for a booked reservation during a reservation process. Guests can be charged immediately, when requesting a reservation, or later, at planned time of arrival.