SeatOn Clover - Walk-ins


On the Walk-ins screen you can manage unannounced and unplanned customer visits. It is accessed from the menu and is divided in four sections:

  1. Filter available tables - filter available tables by table size and availability length
  2. Table occupancy information - gives information about number of available and occupied tables
  3. Current tables list and selection - inspect table(s) and their statuses, seat customer



1. Filter available tables

You can filter available tables by two criteria:

  • by selecting minimum table size from the drop down menu "Show only"
  • by selecting minimum table time availability from the drop down menu "Available time"

Minimum table size selection:

Available time selection:

Once you select filter values from drop down menus, current table list will be refreshed, and if needed, you can choose appropriate table to seat a customer.

2. Table occupancy information

Here you can find about these values regarding current table occupancy:

  • Total number of currently available tables
  • Total number of currently available seats
  • Total number of currently occupied tables
  • Total number of currently occupied seats

3. Current tables list and selection

In this section you can check the list of tables and seat customers to free table. Current tables and their statuses are listed in a table with the following columns:

  • Select - checkbox to select table on which you want to seat customers. Only free tables can be selected.
  • Table - Table name and capacity
  • Available in - If the table is free, its status will be listed as "Available now". If the table is occupied, this column shows expected amount of time how long will it remain occupied. If the table is available its status is shown in green. If the table is available, but only for a short time until the next book time, its status is shown in orange. If the table is occupied, its status is shown in red.
  • Available time - length of time how long will the table remain available
  • Next book time - next time when the table is booked

Select free tables on which you would like to seat a customer by marking them in a column "Select", then click the button "Seat". A dialog will open prompting you to specify a number of persons and a customer:

Specify number of persons by clicking on one of the predefined buttons or selecting value from the drop down menu:

Customer information is not mandatory, and you can leave this information unspecified. However, if you wish to specify a customer, click the "Assign customer" button on the opened dialog. You will be given a choice to search and select existing customers from the database, or enter a new one:

If you want to enter a new customer, you must specify at least his first name and email.

If you would like to search for existing customers, enter the customer name, email or phone in the text field "Customer:" and click on the button "Search existing". If there are any customers found, you will be given a list from which you can select one:

Once you are finished with entering all the data click the "Seat" button. If everything went well, a new event will be created, which can then be seen and managed on the Walkout tab.