SeatOn Clover - Walkout


Walkout screen is accessed from the main menu and is divided in three sections:

  1. Filter tables - filter occupied tables list by customer name and customer contact data
  2. Occupied tables stats - inspect number of occupied tables and total number of covers
  3. Occupied tables list - check list of currently occupied tables



1. Filter tables

Enter text in the filter field to filter occupied tables list by customer email, name or phone number. As you type, occupied tables will be shown automatically in the occupied tables list.


2. Occupied tables stats

Here you can find a few numbers about occupied tables statistics:

  • Total number of occupied tables
  • Total number of overdue tables - number of tables which are not yet freed, although expected checkout time has already passed
  • Total number of occupied covers - sum of all covers on occupied tables
  • Total number of overdue covers - sum of all covers on overdue tables

3. Occupied tables list

Occupied tables are listed in a table with the following columns:

  • Occupied time - expected time period for which the table will be occupied
  • Released in - estimated time to wait to release this table
  • Customer - customer name and contact data
  • Persons - total number of covers for this visit
  • Table - list of occupied table(s)
  • Action - make a specific action with this occupied table:
    • click the button " > " in order to get more information about this event. You will be taken to the Event details page.
    • click the button "Release" to release table without payment information. Normally, releasing of the table should be done during payment procedure, so you will have to confirm this action once again on the dialog which will be opened: