Add to Waitlist


SeatOn Clover - Add to Waitlist


To access the "Add to waitlist" screen click the quick link which is present on almost any screen of the SeatOn Clover application, in the lower right corner with the icon

In order to add customer to the waitlist, you have to enter following information:

  • Customer
  • Number of persons
  • Approximate waiting time

Screen "Add to waitlist" is divided in three sections:

  1. Specifying waitlist entry
  2. Add to waitlist or reset
  3. Customer selection

1. Specifying waitlist entry

In this section you define number of persons and approximate waiting time.

To define number of persons, click one of the predefined buttons, or select value from the drop down menu:

To specify waiting time, click one of the predefined buttons, or select value from the drop down menu:

2. Add to waitlist or reset

This section gives you two action options:

  • Add - once you have entered all needed waitlist data (number of persons, waiting length, customer), you must click the "Add" button to add entry to the waitlist.
  • Reset - if you want to reset form data which you have entered for a waitlist entry, and start all over again

3. Customer selection

This section is used to select customer which is to be added to the waiting list. You can select one of the existing customers in the database, or add a new customer by filling fields on the customer form. Mandatory data to enter for a customer are fields "First name" and contact data "Phone".

If you want to enter a new customer, you must specify at least his first name, and phone. If you would like to search for existing customers, enter the customer name, email or phone in the text field "Customer:" and click on the button "Search". If there are any customers found, you will be given a list from which you can select one customer:

When you are finished with entering all data for the waitlist entry, do not forget to click Add button. If everything went well, a new waitlist entry will be created, which can then be seen and managed on the Waitlist tab.