SeatOn Web - Membership


All registered customers in the application are assigned with one of 5 membership levels. Default application setup recognizes these levels:

  • Beginner member  - default level, assigned automatically when a customer is created
  • Bronze member
  • Silver member
  • Gold member
  • Platinum member

Customer collects points by visiting your restaurant and generating revenue. One point is earned by each dollar spent at your restaurant. Customer can advance to the upper membership level when he earns enough points to reach threshold of the next level. On this page you can define thresholds of all advanced levels, as well as specific set of privileges for each membership level:

  • Can book VIP tables
  • Has priority on waiting list 
  • Has favorite table available

Each privilege is represented as a separate checkbox which you can turn on or off. Level points threshold (i.e. minimum number of points to reach level) should be entered in the numeric field "Points threshold".

You can also change the membership level name by editing the text field "Status name" for the selected membership level.

Once you have set up all your parameters as you like, in order to save them and for changes to take effect, you must click the button "Save membership settings" in the upper right corner of the screen. 

By default, membership level are set up like shown in the table: