SeatOn Web - IVR Reservations


Access this page by clicking on Settings/IVR on the menu. On this page, you can activate interactive voice response functionality for your restaurant, and allow your guests to make reservations using the keypad of their phones. Your staff don't have to answer the phone, they only have to confirm received reservation in the SeatOn application.

  1. IVR activation - instructions on how to activate your IVR functionality
  2. IVR usage - instructions for the usage of the IVR system used by your guests


1. IVR activation

If you haven't activated IVR yet, you will see a page like this:

In order to activate the IVR reservation system, you have to press the button "Activate IVR number". Within 24 hours upon your request, SeatOn employees will set up the number dedicated for your restaurant, and that number will be available on this page. In the meantime, when trying to load the IVR page, you will see the page with information that the IVR activation is in progress:

When the IVR is activated and the setup is completed, you will get your dedicated phone number, and this number will be shown when loading this page (please note that on this picture, the number is blurred due to security reasons):

2. IVR usage

Guests can call your dedicated IVR phone number directly, or you can decide to forward unanswered calls of your restaurant's phone to the IVR phone number.

  • Once the guest gets a line, he will be greeted with the automatic greeting with basic information about your restaurant:

Welcome to the Restaurant XY at address Z.


  • After the greeting, the customer will be presented with three options:

Press 1 if you want to make a reservation for today. Press 2 if you want to make a reservation for tomorrow. Press 3 for any other date.


  • If the guest pressed '1' or '2' on the keypad of his phone, reservation date is known, and action will proceed to requesting the day time of reservation. Otherwise, if the guest pressed '3' on the phone keypad, a guest will be prompted to enter reservation date before:

Please enter for which date you want make a reservation. Please enter two digits for current month and two digit for day of month.

Reservation date must be entered in the format mmdd (e.g. 1121 for November 21st).


  • After the reservation date is determined, the guest is then asked to enter time of reservation:

Please enter for which time you want to make a reservation. In 24-hour format, please enter two digits for start hour and two digits for minutes.

Reservation time must be entered in the format hh24mm (e.g. 2030 for 8:30pm).


  • If entering of time and date went successful, the guest will have to enter number of persons (maximum number is 9):

    Please enter number of persons.


  • Finally, if everything went well, the guest will have to confirm input once again:

Reservation is requested for <date> and <time> for <number> of persons. Press 1 to confirm reservation.


  • If the guest confirms reservation, system will look for available table at the requested time, and if there are available tables, respond with:

Thank you for your reservation. Once the reservation is approved by the restaurant, you will receive a confirmation text message. We are looking forward to your visit.

Otherwise, if the system was unable to find free tables at the requested time, system will respond with error message:

No free space is available for requested reservation for <date> and <time>. Please hangup and try for another time.


Reservation request which was entered this way will be listed in the Pending reservations tab on the Table management page of the SeatOn Web application, or the Pending requests tab of the SeatOn Clover application. There, an employee will have to either approve it or reject it. Once the reservation request is approved, it will be listed as an ordinary reservation and expected arrival.