SeatOn Web - Products


On this page you can set up products and their duration for which your customers can make a reservation.

Access this page by selecting Settings/Products from the menu of SeatOn Web application. Supported product definition options are:

  1. Standard products - products and their duration are determined depending on a time of reservation ( e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). This is the default products setup for restaurants.
  2. Simple duration list - do not offer product names, just offer available duration times which will be available for customers to choose
  3. Product list - define completely custom products, as well as their duration, and (optionally) different reservation fee for each product. Convenient for businesses like wineries, car washes etc,

Product duration defined on this page is later used in calculation and planning of reservations, waiting lists, as well as presenting a timeline in the application. Depending on duration settings, if customers are not allowed to choose a duration of an event, the system will automatically set the duration of the event based on meal duration settings on this page.


1. Standard products

Products and their duration are determined depending on a time of a reservation ( e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). This is the default products setup for restaurants

For this setup, there are three types of products (i.e. meals):

  • Breakfast - any meal between 7AM - 12AM
  • Lunch - any meal between 12AM - 7PM
  • Dinner - any meal between 7PM - 12PM

Here is how this setup looks like on online reservation pages, a customer does not choose a product, only a time of a reservation:

This is how the setup looks like in the SeatOn Web application, when an employee makes a reservation, and chooses event duration by selecting meal type:

In this setup, you can change start and end time of each meal, as well as its duration. If you don't want to have any of breakfast, lunch, dinner offered, check the checkbox "We do not serve...":

When creating a new reservation, the value defined here will be taken as default duration of that event, without need for customer to choose the duration.

Default values are 30 minutes for breakfast, 60 minutes for lunch, and 90 minutes for dinner. However, you can always change these values, and set values which you believe are more appropriate, by selecting time duration from the drop down menu.

Average duration of each meal type is calculated based on past data in the last 30 days, and this information is shown in red letters, below the drop down menu. If there are not enough data to calculate the average, "no data" message is shown instead.

In order to save your changes, you must click the button "Save meals duration".


2. Simple duration list

In this setup, customers choose duration of their visit when making their online reservations:

Employee chooses event duration in the SeatOn Web application:


You can define minimum and maximum duration of a reservation:

In order to save your changes, you must click the button "Save simple duration settings".


3. Product list

In this setup, you define your own products and their duration. The system then offers a list of products (defined by you) for customers to choose when making an online reservation:


Employee chooses product in the SeatOn Web application when creating a reservation:

This setup is convenient for businesses like wineries, car washes etc.

When specifying products you have to define following attributes in their appropriate fields:

  • Product name - product name shown to customers
  • Product description - broader description of product (not shown to customers)
  • Duration - default product duration
  • Reservation fee (optional)
    • Rule - fee per reservation or fee per number of persons (covers)
    • Fee - fee amount
    • Tax - tax percentage
  • Enable modifiers for this product -

When you enter all the fields, click the button Save Product in order to save your product definition.


Defined products are listed in the product list, along with their attributes:

  • Name - product name
  • Duration - product duration
  • Fee Rule - COVER - fee per cover (i.e. number of persons), RESERVATION - fee per reservation
  • Action (Edit/Delete) - edit or delete already specified product
  • Reorder - Use Reorder (up and down) arrows to change the order in which will products be listed for your customers.

In the Product list, use buttons "Edit" and "Delete" to change or erase a product. Additionally, use button "Modifiers" to add modifiers to the product. Modifier is an additional pre-order to the product, e.g. when making an online reservation, a client can also order a bottle of wine to be ready for the visit, and (optionally) pay it in advance. Modifier can be set to be optional or compulsory (e.g. a nightclub with limiting number of tables wants to make sure visitors who make an online reservation, also make an pre-order of drinks in a minimum amount of $100)

Event modifiers

Clicking the button "Modifiers" in a product list allows you to set modifiers specifically for that product. A dialog will open up where you can define all parameters:

  • Define minimum total modifiers amount (optional) - enter the minimum spending amount, and click the button "Save minimum" to save it
  • Name - modifier name
  • Description - additional modifier description
  • Fee (optional) - optional fee to the modifier
    • Fee - fee amount
    • Tax - tax percentage, on top of fee amount

Use the button "Save modifier" to add this modifier to the modifier list.

When you are finished with specification of modifiers, use the "Close" button to close the modifiers dialog.


This is how online reservation page would then look like from the guest's perspective:

A guest pays $50 for the reservation fee, as well as additional pre-orders: $160 for 4 beers, and $120 for 2 bottle of wines.