Settings introduction


SeatOn Web - Settings introduction


Settings menu is divided into following options:

  1. Floor plan - set your floor capacity and layout here
  2. Business hours - set up business hours of your business, non-working days and operating time slots for online reservations
  3. Products - define products for which your guest can make a reservation.
  4. Time slots - define available time slots for online and offline reservations, and set limitations for online reservations
  5. Notifications - set and define notification messages which are sent to customers during reservation and waiting list process
  6. Online Reservation - allow customers to create online bookings. Set up look and feel of the reservation widget for your web page.
  7. IVR Reservation - activate interactive voice response functionality for your restaurant, and allow your guests to make reservations using keypad of their phones
  8. Online Waitlist - Allow customers visiting your website to check current table availability of your restaurant, and add themselves to the waiting list if all the tables are occupied. Set up look and feel of the availability widget for your web page.
  9. Alerts - set up alerts in case of a new reservation or a new waiting list entry
  10. Membership - tune up customer membership levels and their thresholds
  11. Employees - check your employee list and employee performance, and set employee privileges (can create reservation, can add guests to waitlist)