SeatOn Web - Floor plan


On this page you can define floor plan (i.e. tables and areas) of your restaurant. Setting up the floor is a requirement for the SeatOn application to run, so this page is used at the first run of the SeatOn application, but you can access it at anytime later by clicking Settings/Floor plan from the side menu of the SeatOn Web application. Actions you can do on this page are:

  1. Area(s) definition
  2. Table(s) definition
  3. Edit table


Floor consists of one or several areas, and each area can consist of one or several tables:

1. Area(s) definition

In order to create an area click the "Add area" button in the upper right corner of the screen. A dialog appears where you have to enter area name, and select area sign from the drop down menu:

Area sign is a mandatory prefix letter which will be used in naming the tables contained in it. You can always change the area name later, but be careful when selecting area sign, as it cannot be changed once the area is created. You can also change the color of the area, i.e. the names of the tables contained in the area will be shown in the selected color. Finally, you can mark the area as VIP area by clicking on the "VIP area" checkbox.

Add area by clicking on the "Save area" button.

You can also define multiple areas, each area you add will then be presented as a separate tab on the screen:

Once you have defined all area(s), you can add tables to it.


2.Table(s) definition

Add tables by selecting an area (i.e. clicking on its tab) to which you want to add table, and clicking on the buttons on the right side of the screen:

As you can see there are buttons with predefined table sizes (2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats), however you can also define table with arbitrary size by clicking on "Add custom table" button. A dialog will open where you can enter table size up to 99 seats, and mark the table as VIP table:

Add custom table by clicking on the button "Add table". Each added table is represented as a rectangle placed in the area scheme. Rectangle contains all necessary information about the table:

Table name, with area sign prefix:

Table capacity is shown in the lower left corner of a rectangle:

VIP tables are marked with a star in the lower right corner of a rectangle (ordinary tables do not have VIP star shown):

Finally, you can also edit/delete a table by clicking on icons in the upper right corner of a rectangle:


After you have added a few tables, overall area scheme could look something like this:

This area contains two 2-seat tables, two 4-seat tables, one 6-seat VIP table, and one custom 9-seat table. Information about tables contained in the area is also shown in the Area tables status panel in the lower right corner of the screen:


3. Edit table(s)


Editing tables is possible by clicking on icons in the upper right corner of a rectangle:

A dialog will open up where you can edit following attributes:

  • Table name - change the table name
  • Vip table - mark the table as VIP table
  • Disabled (for all reservations) - mark the table as temporarily disabled. Table marked as disabled will be unavailable for making any reservations, both for employees using the SeatOn application, and clients using online reservations.
  • Disabled (only for online reservations) - mark the table as temporarily disabled only for online reservations. Table marked as such will be unavailable for making any online reservations by clients, however employees can create reservations on this table using SeatOn Web or SeatOn Clover application. 

Please note that changing a table capacity is not possible once the table is created.

After making some of tables unavailable/disabled, your floor plan might look like something like this:


In this floor plan, table A01 is disabled for any reservations, and tables A04 and A05 are unavailable for online reservations.