Limitation policy

SeatOn Web - Limitation policy


Limitation policy allows you to cap a number of created reservations, or constrain the maximum number of guests. Please note that limitation policy is applied only for online reservations.

Limitation policy are set on the Time slots page, which can be accessed by selecting Settings/Time slots from the menu of SeatOn Web application.

There are two limitations models you can use:


1. General limitation

General limitation is valid for all time slots, for the whole restaurant.

For this choice, you have to select:

  • Policy type
    • No limitation
    • Limit per number of reservation events
    • Limit per number of persons
  • Max # per time slot
    • select a value from 0 (No restriction) to 100
  • Scope of limitation
    • consider only online reservations - count only reservations created online
    • consider all reservations - count all reservations


2. Time slot based limitation

For this option, each time slot can have its own specific limitation. For example, you can make a maximum number of 3 reservations for time slot 3PM, and maximum number of 5 reservation for time slot 6PM.

If this option is active, limitations are then defined specifically for each time slot when creating a time slot list.

Setup this limitation in three steps:

1) Create a predefined time slot list for which you want to apply the limitation by clicking on the button "Create time slot list" and entering mandatory data. This is described in detail on the Time slots help page.


2) If you have successfully created a predefined time slot lĨist, it will be listed on the Time slots page, on the panel "Predefined time slots":

3) Click the button "Manage time slots" in order to get the dialog in which you can set limits for the time slot list:



Then, specify exact time slot (by clicking hours/minutes buttons), and specifying maximum number of persons per time slot. Click the button "Add time slot" in order to add this time slot to the time slot list. If you have done it successfully, it will be listed on the right side of the panel, in the "Time slot list":


When you are finished with your limitation setup, you must click the button "Save limitation settings" in order to apply changes.