Business hours

SeatOn Web - Business hours


This page is accessed by clicking Settings/Business hours from the side menu of the SeatOn Web application. On this page you can set up business hours and non-working days. Moreover, you can define specific time slots when will taking of online reservations be enabled, instead of using business hours.

  1. Business hours - set up business hours
  2. Non-working days - set up non-working days
  3. Special working days - set up special working days, i.e. days with different business hours from normal working days
  4. Predefined time slots for online reservations - set up time slots for online reservations instead of using business hours


1.Business hours

By default, SeatOn will use business hours as defined in your Clover system. Each time business hours are changed, the change will be automatically updated in your SeatOn system as well. However, you can turn off business hours synchronization with Clover, and set up different business hours manually.

On the page it is always shown whether the SeatOn system uses manually defined business hours:


or if the system uses Clover business hours:

In order to set up your business hours, you first have to disable synchronization with Clover by disabling the appropriate switch:

After you turned of Clover synchronization, you can proceed with defining business hours for every day of a week:



2. Non working days

Non-working days are days for which it will not be possible to create reservations. You can define arbitrary non-working days, whether they are national holidays, or just the days your restaurant won't be open.

In order to define a non-working day, select a date from the calendar control, and click the Add button. At any time, you can delete defined non-working day, by clicking a red Delete button listed for each defined non-working day.


3. Special working days

Special working days option lets you define different business hours than the same week day. 

For example: you have set up that on Friday you work from 10am - 10pm. However, you also want to specify that you work on Christmas Eve (which incidentally, is also on Friday) from 10am to 2pm. Special working day setup will take care of that. You add a date and then define business hours for it. The hours defined there will have precedence over your ordinary working hours for that day.




4. Predefined time slots

Time slots feature allow you to set up available times for online reservations, which may differ from your business hours. For example, your business hours may be defined as 1PM - 11PM, but you can set up to take online reservations only for time slots in a period of 5 PM - 7 PM.

By default, the system will take business hours into account when getting online reservations. In order to enable time slots option, you have to enable the switch "Use predefined time slots instead of business hours for online reservations":


Defining available times

If you have enabled time slots, next step is defining available times for customers' online reservations. At this point, you have two options:

  • define only one, universal time slot, valid for every day of a week
  • define specific time slots for every day of a week

In order to enable first option, defining universal time slot, check the checkbox "I want to define same booking time slots for all days in a week":

In order to enable second option, defining specific time slots for every day of a week, uncheck the checkbox "I want to define same booking time slots for all days in a week":

Adding time slots

In order to add time slots, you have to select a time slot from the drop down menu Booking time, and click the Add button:

If you want to delete a time slot, you have to click red Delete button listed for each time slot.