Availability widget


SeatOn Web - Availability widget


1. Introduction

Availability widget is and add-on to your restaurant's web page which adds SeatOn waitlist functionality to your website. It can be easily embedded into your website, and allow the customers visiting your website to check current table availability of your restaurant and add themselves to the waiting list if all the tables are occupied. Once integrated into your website, it takes form of a floating button on your restaurant's web page:

Clicking the Current availability  button will show current table availability to a customer over the restaurant web page as you can see on the picture below:

If all the tables are filled, the customer can then decide to add himself to the waiting list.


2. Availability widget page

Availability widget page is accessed through the web application menu Settings/Availability widget. It can only be accessed by users with Manager roles.

Once the widget is embedded into your website, enable the availability widget by checking on the checkbox Enable online availability widget.

Disable the availability widget by checking off the checkbox Enable online availability widget.

The page is further divided in three sections, accessible on three tabs:

  1. Status messages
  2. Customization
  3. Integration


1. Status messages

In this section you can specify status messages which will be shown to website visitor while using the availability widget, i.e. clicking the "Current availability" button. There are four types of status messages:

  • Availability status Green - this message is shown if there are enough free and available tables at the moment. You can specify the threshold (percentage of all free tables) when this message will be shown.

This is how this availability status should look like on your web page:



  • Availability status Yellow - this message is shown if the restaurant is filling up, and the percentage of free tables is lower than the specified threshold


  • Availability status Red - this message is shown if all the tables are occupied


  • Availability status Closed - this message is shown if the restaurant is closed

You can preview all the statuses by clicking on the appropriate button Preview availability status:

Availability status Green:

Availability status Yellow:

Availability status Red:


2. Customization

Here you can specify position, text and overall look and feel  the reservation widget button will be shown on your website.

Following button attributes can be set:

  • Button position - button position on the screen
  • Button text -
  • Button colors
    • Background color
    • Text color
    • Hover background color
    • Hover text color
    • Button line color
  • Font size
  • Button transparency


3. Integration

Shows HTML code which must be embedded into your main web page, in order to integrate SeatOn availability widget to your website.

In order to integrate widget with your web page, ask your web administrator to copy code above, and insert it just before the </head> tag on your main web page. This code will also enable Reservation widget on your web page, so you need to copy it only once, if you want to enable both widgets. For any additional questions regarding the widget installation, please contact our support at support@seaton.site.