Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration


Integrate SeatOn reservation widget with your Facebook page. Reservations entered through your Facebook page will automatically be inserted in your SeatOn system.

In order to setup Facebook reservations, first of all you have to login on the SeatOn Web application (click here if you need information how to access SeatOn web application).

From the menu, select the Settings/Online Reservation/Facebook integration:


Then, follow these steps:


Step 1.

Copy the link below to clipboard:

Step 2.

Log into your Facebook Business Manager account (go to https://business.facebook.com/)


Step 3.

From the left side menu select: More Tools, and then View Page (new tab should open):


Step 4.

After that, click the button + Add a Button (below your cover photo)

Step 5.

Select option “Book with you”, after that select “Book now” then “Next

Step 6.

Select Link to Website, after that, paste the link from the Step 2 into the text box. Click "Save", then "Finish"


Step 7.

After that, a Book Now button should appear on your Facebook page. Clicking on that button will open the SeatOn reservation widget in a new browser tab.