Online Reservations - Seating options

SeatOn Web - Seating options


By defining seating options, you can allow your customers to choose seating preference when making their online reservations, i.e. the preferred location in your restaurant (inside, outside, terrace, etc.) in which they want to have their seat.

Seating options settings can be found in Settings/Online Reservation/Settings from the side menu of the SeatOn Web application, and then clicking on the tab Seating Options. Moreover, to activate this feature on your online reservation pages, you should activate new look and feel of Online reservation pages on the tab Reservation page.

Before defining Seating options, you should define your floor plan, and specify areas and tables inside it. One seating option can contain one or multiple floor area(s). The Seating options page is divided into three sections:

  1. Define seating options
  2. Seating options list
  3. Preview reservation page


1. Define seating options

In order to define a seating option, you have to input the following fields:

  • Option name - your internal name of this seating option. This won't be visible to customers.
  • Option label - the name of this seating option which will be visible to customers
  • Areas - click on appropriate buttons which represent different areas as defined in your floor plan in order to include them in this seating option. One seating option can contain multiple floor areas so you can select one or more buttons.
  • Option description - option description is not a mandatory field. If you want to give your guests additional information about your seating option, you can type it in here.
  • Time slot set - select specific time slot set for this seating option. Business hours specified in this time slot set will be applied specifically for this seating option. Please note that if there are any limitations defined for the selected time slot set, they will be taken into account only if they are marked as "General limitation", that is, on the whole restaurant level. Other specified limitation will be ignored.

When you are done specifying seating option data, you must click "Save Seating Option" button to save it. The saved seating option can then be seen immediately in the Seating option list.


2. Seating options list

In this section you can review which seating options you have specified. Use arrows in the column Reorder to change the order of seating options in which they will appear on online reservation pages. Moreover, by using action buttons Edit and Delete, you can update or delete an option.


3. Preview reservation page

By clicking on the button "Click to view reservation page" you can preview your online reservation pages, along with the seating options you have just defined (on the picture below, they are contained in the red rectangle):


In this example, customer can choose from two seating options, INSIDE and OUTSIDE:


Please note, although this example contains only two seating options, you can define them as many as you like, as long as they contain at least one area from your floor plan.

In the above example, when a customer makes a reservation and requests OUTSIDE seating option, you will be able to see customer's request in your open pre-reservation list under the Description column:

You can then assign a table to the customer according to their request.