Online Reservations customer pages


Online Reservations - Legacy customer pages


Online reservations customer pages are web pages which will be accessed by a customer in order to make a reservation in your restaurant.

Reservation process from a guest's perspective is done in 3 or 4 steps (depending on if Online reservation fees are enabled or not):

  1. Place request - selection of date, and number of persons
  2. Leave details - details about guest's address, name and surname
  3. Payment - get credit card information details (only if online reservation fees are enabled)
  4. Completed - confirmation message and further instructions for the guest


1. Place request


As a first step, a guest has to select date and time of a visit, as well as number of persons. The look and feel of this step can be set up in two different ways on the Reservation settings page:

  • New online reservation page with seating options support
  • Legacy online reservation pages


Example of new online reservation page:

Example of legacy reservation pages:

Click the "Find table" button in order to check for available tables.



2. Leave details


If there is an available table for the selected time and date, the system will ask a guest to enter contact information, and possibly leave a note. First name, last name, mobile phone and email are mandatory fields. Note is an optional field which the guest fills if there are specific requests or questions regarding the reservation.

At this point, if online reservation fees are enabled, a guest has to click on the "Proceed to payment page" button in order to leave credit card information data. If online reservation fees are not enabled, there is a button "Complete reservation" instead:



3. Payment


This screen is shown to the guest only if online reservation fees are enabled. The guest should leave credit card number, expiry month/year, CVV number, and a ZIP code.

Finally, the guest should click the "Complete reservation" button to finalize the reservation.



4. Completed


If everything went well in the previous steps, the system shows the message that the reservation request has been successfully completed. Depending on the Notifications setup, the guest will receive an email with reservation information: