How do I add a customer to the waitlist?


How do I add a customer to the waitlist?


On the SeatOn Clover application, click the yellow button in the bottom-right corner, which will open a form for adding a customer to the waitlist.

On the SeatOn web application, you can open the form by either clicking the 'Add to waitlist' link in the top-right corner of the screen, or by using the left side menu (Tables -> Add to Waitlist).

When the form opens, you first need to select the number of persons, then select the quoted wait time, and fill in customer data. This can be done either by searching the customer database and selecting an existing customer or by entering a new customer. Then click on 'Add to waitlist' which will add the customer to wailist, and notify the customer by SMS. The SMS will contain a link that the customer can use to check how many customers are currently waiting in front of him.

PLEASE NOTE that sending text to customer mobile phones is available only for US and Canadian users.

When a table is ready for the customer, the next step is to use the Waitlist screen (in the web app under: Tables -> Table management -> Waitlist) to assign a table to the customer. This will send another SMS notifying the customer that his table is free. The customer now has an option to cancel by answering 'NO' to the SMS, or to confirm his arrival by replying 'YES'.

Please note that due to SMS provider limitations, customers with international (non-US) phone numbers in general won't be able to confirm their arrival by text. Recommendation is to wait for 15 minutes for such customers before you assign their table to other guests.

A detailed description of the process can be found here and here.