How do I make initial application setup ?

How do I make initial application setup ?



Application setup is done in SeatOn Web application.

In order to access SeatOn Web application, you must log into your Clover account on the webpage. To log in, you must use your Clover credentials (username and password you should have received from Clover):

Here is the help video which does that:

Also check the help page How do I access SeatOn Web application for more information.



If you have succeeded in starting the SeatOn web application, you have to define your floor plan first.

Select Settings/Floor plan from the menu on the left side of the screen. You can define multiple areas containing multiple tables.
Or take a look at the video:

More information about setup can also be found on our Floor setup help pages.

If you still have issues with initial setup , please fill this questionnaire with desired setup data, and we will set it up for you
(free of charge, please allow 12-24 hours until we set it up):