How to add customer to the waiting list?


How to add customer to the waiting list?


If there are no free tables at the moment, you can put your customer to the waiting list. Here is how can you do it on:



SeatOn Clover application


In order to add entry to the waiting list on the SeatOn Clover application please follow the instructions given on the Add to waitlist help page.


SeatOn Web application

Follow the Tables/Add to waitlist link from the menu, or click the quick link button "Add to waitlist" in the upper right corner of the screen. Form "Add to waitlist" is shown on the screen:

Perform following steps:

1. Enter customer data and contact details

a) by selecting existing customer (when selected additional customer information is shown)


b) entering contact details in the input fields 


2. Enter number of persons

Enter number of persons for the waiting list entry:

a) by clicking on predefined buttons


b) by entering number manually, or using arrows


3. Enter estimated waiting time

Enter approximate waiting time:

a) by using predefined buttons:


b) by entering waiting time manually in the numeric field


4. Enter optional comment


5. Save the waiting list entry by clicking the button "Add to waitlist"

Alternatively, click the Reset button to erase field contents, and cancel adding entry to the waiting list.


6. Check the waiting list entry on the Table management page

Go to the Tables/Table management page, tab Waitlist, and check the current queue.


Now the customer is in the waiting list, you may want to remove customer from the waiting list.