How to release tables and manage customer payments?


How to release tables and manage customer payments?


Normally, tables should be released using the SeatOn Clover application, however in some cases it may be necessary to do it using the SeatOn Web application. Here is how to do it on:

SeatOn Clover application

On SeatOn Clover application tables are normally released during payment procedure.

IMPORTANT: Releasing tables using SeatOn Clover application is a proper way to release tables. If the table release is done this way, SeatOn will be able to record event details, e.g. order amount, tips amount, number of covers for the event etc. This information is necessary in order to get proper analytics and reports from the SeatOn Reporting module.

When performing payment using Clover Register app, a screen is displayed like on the picture below:


Once the payment is finished, with customer preferred payment type, a screen like on the picture below will be shown, where you will be able to assign tables to the payment:

Mark the tables to be released, and tap the button "Release". If this payment is not associated to any table, tap the button "Skip".

In addition, rotating the Clover screen will give customer an option to leave feedback on the visit.



SeatOn Web application

Please note that tables are normally released during the payment procedure on the SeatOn Clover application.

Table release using the SeatOn Web application is to be used only in extraordinary circumstances, if the table release on the SeatOn Clover is not applicable for some momentary reason. On the SeatOn Web application you will have to enter payment information for the released tables manually.

Perform following steps:

1. From the side menu, select "Active Visits"


2. On the "Active Visits" tab, select table(s) to be released

On the "Active Visits" tab, check the occupied table list, and find table(s) to be released. Click the button "Release" next to the table(s) you want to release.

A dialog "Select checkout option" will open, on which you can enter payment information.



3. Enter payment information

You can release table(s) and close customer's visit by entering payment amount, or if the payment information is not available, release table without it.

a) Release table with payment information

On the opened "Select checkout option" dialog enter bill amount and tip amount in the appropriate fields, and click the green button "With payment information".


b) Release table without payment information

Leave the amount and tip fields empty, and click the orange button "Without payment information":


If the table release was successful, this customer's event is now closed, and can later be checked and analyzed on the Search page.