What is a "cover", and what is a "reservation" ?

What is a "cover", and what is a "reservation"?


- "Cover" refers to a person who is seated at the table. One table can have multiple covers/persons, depending on the table capacity. For example, Lucy is having a dinner with two of her friends. This visit is calculated as having three covers (Lucy + 2 friends)

- "Wait list cover" - similar as above, refers to number of persons. For example: Lucy enters a restaurant with her two friends. They need a table for three persons, but there are no free tables at the moment. She is put in the waiting list, and although she is a sole contact person, 3 wait list covers (Lucy + 2 friends) are taken into calculation

- "Reservation" - refers to an event/visit, for example: Lucy makes a reservation at the restaurant for her and two of her friends. Reservation is on her name, and there are three covers (Lucy + 2 friends)