How to find my business coordinates?

How do I find my business coordinates?


Your business coordinates are used in online reservations so a little map will be shown when your guests are making reservations:


By clicking on the link "Get direction", your guests will be able to get directions to your restaurant using Google Maps.

In order to find and set your business coordinates, follow these steps:

Step 1. In your web browser, open up Google Maps by going to


Step 2: In Google Maps, search and find your restaurant location (on the picture we searched for Statue of Liberty National Monument for illustration purposes only):


Step 3: RIGHT click on your restaurant location on the map, and a small dialog will open up which contains coordinates in its first row:


Step 4: Point your mouse cursor on the row with coordinates and click on it with your LEFT mouse button:


A message will show up which informs you that the coordinates have been saved to clipboard:


Step 5: At this point you know your business coordinates, and they are contained in your clipboard. As a final step, copy them in your online reservation settings in the appropriate field:


When you are finished with your setup, do not forget to click the green button "Save settings" to save your changes.