Add to Waitlist


Add to Waitlist


On the page "Add to waitlist" you can add new entries to the waiting list. The page can be accessed by selecting Tables/Add to Waitlist from the menu, or by clicking on the quick link "Add to waitlist" in the upper right corner of the screen. The page is divided in 3 sections:

  1. Current waitlist statistics
  2. Customer information
  3. Specifying waitlist entry

In order to add new waitlist entry, you have to specify this information:

  1. Customer data - specify a customer that you wish to enter to the waiting list. You can select existing customer, or add a new customer. The customer is defined in the section 2. Customer information
  2. Number of covers - specified in section 3. Specifying waitlist entry
  3. Approximate waiting time - your estimation how long will customer wait for a table to be freed, specified in section 3. Specifying waitlist entry
  4. Comment - optional note about this waitlist entry (e.g. special customer requests etc.), specified in section 3. Specifying waitlist entry

When all the information is entered, you should click the button "Add to waitlist" to create waitlist entry.


1. Current waitlist statistics

This section shows current state of the waiting list and tables in the restaurant, total number of customers currently in the queue overall, as well as queue sizes for different table sizes:

  • 1-2 seats - tables with capacity up to 2 seats
  • 3-4 seats - tables with capacity 3-4 seats
  • 5+ seats - tables with capacity of more than 5 seats

Additionally, for each table size, in the row "Wait time (approximation)" application estimates approximate time when will next table of this size be free. Thus, using information presented in this section user can make better estimation of waiting time for a customer.


2. Customer information 

This section is used to select customer which is to be added to the waiting list. You can select one of the existing customers in the database, or add a new customer by filling fields on the customer form.

In order to search for existing customers, enter customer name, email or phone in the search field and click the button Search.

If the application managed to find customers with given criteria, a search dialog with results will be shown like on the picture below.

Select one of the customers by clicking on the Select button that adheres to every listed customer. If a customer you wanted is not listed in the search results, you can click the button Close to close search results dialog and try with another search, or try entering a new customer.

In order to add new customer, you must enter customer First name and Phone number. Phone number is used so the customer can later by notified by SMS message when a table is freed. Fields Last name, Email, and Note are optional. When you are finished with entering customer data, click the Add to Waitlist button, and the customer will be added automatically into the database, along with his waiting list entry.


3. Specifying waitlist entry

In this section you can define waiting list entry for a customer which is being added to the waiting list.

When you are finished with entering waitlist data, click the Add to Waitlist button.  A new entry will be created in the waiting list, and SMS message will be sent to the selected customer. PLEASE NOTE that sending text to customer mobile phones is available only for US and Canadian users.

Detailed information about waitlist event workflow is described on the page Events workflow.

For more information about content of the SMS messages which are sent to the customer, check the Settings/Notification page.