Reservation overview


SeatOn Web - Reservation overview


In SeatOn Web application, choose Reservation overview from the menu to go to the Reservation overview page, to get an annual overview of upcoming reservations and pre-reservations, which gives you an insight in total number of reservations in the following days/months.

By moving a mouse cursor over a desired date, you can also check total number of reservations and covers for that day:


In order to get additional information for a particular day, you have to select the day from the calendar. After you select a date, and there are reservation events, you will be taken to the page Reservation center, where you get a detailed list of upcoming reservations for the selected day.

If there are only pre-reservation events on the selected date, you will be taken to the pre-reservation list page. If there are both reservations and pre-reservations on the selected date, you will be asked to choose on which page do you want to go: