SeatOn Web - Edit event


Edit event page is accessed from the Event details page, when the user clicks the Edit event button for the reservation event type. Only opened events and reservations in the status Expected can be modified. You can update the event in three different aspects:

After you make changes to the event, always click the button "Update event" to save modifications done to the event.


1. Reschedule (new date & time)

Rescheduling can only be done for the event type Reservation. Specify new event date and time by modifying values of the following fields:

  • New date
  • New time
  • New duration

Click the button "Update event" to save modified event time.

2. Change table

You can add, remove or change currently selected table(s). Click or unclick desired table(s) which you would like to add/remove to the selected event.

Click the button "Update event" to save modified table(s) for the event.

3. Change customer

You can change existing customer for the event by selecting customer from the database, or by defining a new customer.

After you have modified customer who is the event owner,  click the button "Update event" to save modified customer information for the event.