SeatOn Web - Timeline


Timeline page gives you a graphical overview of all visits, and tables’ occupancy on a specific date and time. Besides an overview, you can also update event time and table.

It can be accessed from the main menu by selecting “Timeline” from the main menu:


The Timeline page is divided in two sections:

  1. Date selection - Click on one of the predefined buttons (today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow), or select a specific date from the date chooser.
  2. Overview of events by time and date - for the selected day, a timeline is shown of all available tables in the restaurant , i.e. past and future events related to this table. You can also update an event by dragging and dropping event across the timeline matrix.



1. Date selection

By default, Timeline will show today's events. Click on one of the predefined buttons (today, tomorrow, specific day of the week), or select a specific date from the date chooser:




2. Overview of events by time and date


Flow of events in time is presented on the timeline matrix. Vertical red line shows current time and each event is presented as a separate rectangle with a customer name. Events which occupy multiple tables are contained in multiple rectangles:


Time of the selected day is shown on the horizontal axis of the timeline matrix:


Table names and belonging areas are listed on the vertical axis:


Event rectangle contains basic information about the event as shown on the picture below:


Information that is presented is:

  • Number of persons - number of persons with this event, please note that it can be different than the actual table capacity
  • Event type - one letter code for the event type:
    • R - Reservation
    • S - Walk-in seated
    • W - Waitlisted seated
  • Customer name - customer name, if available. For walk-in events, if the customer name is unknown, "Unknown customer" text will be shown instead of a customer name

By clicking on an event rectangle in the grid, you will open Event details page, where you can check detailed data about the event, and possibly update it.


3. Update event

By using drag and drop features, you can make time and table updates to an event. You can do that by clicking on the event box, holding your mouse button, and moving it across the timeline grid.

Table update

Table update is done by moving your event vertically, in the same timeline column:


Time update

Time update is done by moving your event horizontally, in the same table row:

You can also combine time and table update at the same time!


Multiple tables update

You can also update an event which occupies multiple tables. You just select one table which belongs to the group, move it to the new time/table, and the other tables of the group will be moved automatically: