Getting started guide


Getting started guide


  1. Introduction
  2. How to install
  3. First access to SeatOn
  4. SeatOn customization
  5. Overview of Web functionalities
  6. First start of SeatOn on Clover devices
  7. Overview of SeatOn Clover functionalities
  8. Overview of SeatOn online widgets for your website

1. Introduction

SeatOn application is integrated software solution for restaurants which use the Clover® POS platform. SeatOn provides its users with the table management system, including walk-in, reservation and waitlist management features, along with customer relationship management and analytics and reporting. It is suitable for all types of restaurants.

The application consists of four components:

  • Clover application (SeatOn Clover) - Android application which installs on your Clover devices (Clover station, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini)
  • Web application (SeatOn Web) - used in any modern Internet browser on laptop or desktop computer
  • Seaton online widget - allow your restaurant's website visitors to request online reservations, check table availability and add themselves to waiting list
  • SeatOn cloud server - management of SeatOn capabilities and functionalities including secure storage of your data

Picture below shows the SeatOn platform and its components:

As a user, you will directly use only SeatOn Clover, SeatOn Web and SeatOn Web widgets applications.

Table below shows functionalities and differences between SeatOn Clover and SeatOn Web applications, as well as SeatOn Web Widgets :

Technical Requirements to use SeatOn

  • Clover account and any of Clover devices including Clover Station, Clover Mobile and Clover Mini
  • Laptop or desktop computer with any modern Internet browser


2. How to install

Important note: before you start installation of the SeatOn application, please do not forget to define business hours of your restaurant using the Clover Setup application.

  • Open your Internet browser and log into your Clover account 
  • On the Clover dashboard, click the App Market
  • On the App market, find the SeatOn Application on the Clover AppMarket. Easiest way to find the SeatOn application is to use keyword "SeatOn" in the search box.
  • You can recognize SeatOn application on the App Market with logo and description like below

  • Choose your subscription plan (learn more about subscription plans here - note that upon the installation you have 30 days period of free trial of application) and install the application by clicking the Install button.

Once the SeatOn application is installed, Clover will automatically launch it. Please continue reading this guide to learn how to set up the application for the first use.


3. First access to Seaton

On the first launch of the SeatOn application, a splash screen is shown in your internet browser like below:

Please be patient for a few moments here since the application needs some time to initialize and prepare the application for your use.

After initial setup succeeds, another splash screen is shown with a message that the application is ready for use. Before you proceed with application customization, you can also check the Getting started guide (the guide you are reading here) or visit SeatOn Support center in order to learn more details about the application. Once you have read this getting started guide, you can continue with installation by clicking the button "Start customizing SeatOn for your needs".

If you choose to skip customization by clicking the button "Skip customization", each time you run SeatOn Web application again, a screen below will appear, as a reminder that you need to customize your application.

Important note: Without finished customization, you will not be able to start SeatOn application on your Clover device. Follow the next chapter of this guide to find about details of customization process.


4. Seaton customization

In order to start using application, as a minimum, you must define your restaurant area, and tables within each defined area, but we strongly recommend that you customize all SeatOn settings to match your needs.

SeatOn supports following customization:

  • General settings - For more information check the help page for General settings help page.
  • Floor - Define your restaurant area and tables within these areas. This is a prerequisite to start using SeatOn on Clover devices. For details about setting up the areas check the Floor help page.
  • Notification - Define messages templates which will be sent by email or SMS to customers after creating reservations, and entering the waiting list. For details please check the Notification messages help page. PLEASE NOTE that sending text to customer mobile phones is available only for US and Canadian users.
  • Membership - Define thresholds and privileges of membership customer levels in the application. For details please check the Membership help page.
  • Employees - list of your employees is imported from Clover. We suggest that you review each employee, and set up who of your employees can add customers to waitlist, and create customer reservations. By default all employees are allowed to do these actions. For more information please follow the link to the Employees help page.


5. Overview of Web functionalities

Web application consists of following features:

  • Customers - customer relationship management, check statistics, feedback and generated revenue by customers
  • Tables - table management, walk-in, reservation, waitlist and walkout management
  • Reports - performance reporting and analytics. This module is accessible only to users of the SeatOn Web application with Admin, Manager and Owner roles.
  • Settings - SeatOn application customization and employee performance. This module is accessible only to users of the SeatOn Web application with Admin, Manager and Owner roles.

For details about all these features, please visit SeatOn Web help pages.

6. First start of SeatOn on Clover devices

If the customization in previous steps went well, and everything was set up, a splash screen will be shown during the first start of SeatOn application on a Clover device:

If the SeatOn mandatory customization (i.e. the floor plan) wasn't completed before the app start on the Clover device, the system will automatically generate a floor with 4 tables (2 two-person tables, and 2 four-person tables). You can change that later at any time using the SeatOn web application. For details about setting up the floor and its areas, check the Floor help page.


7. Overview of SeatOn Clover functionalities

Clover application consists of following features:

  • Timeline - overview of all daily visits at your restaurant
  • Expected arrivals - manage customer expected arrivals through reservations and waitlist
  • Walk-ins - manage unexpected customer arrivals to the restaurant
  • Waitlist - handle customers who cannot be seated at the moment, and are put to the waiting list
  • Walkout - manage occupied tables and customer payment
  • Search Log - search all past and current events (visits) managed by the SeatOn application

For details about all these features, please visit SeatOn Clover help pages.


8. Overview of SeatOn online widgets for your website

There are two types of web widgets which can be integrated into your restaurant's website in order to provide SeatOn functionality:

  • Reservation widget - integrate SeatOn widget into your website, and allow the customers visiting your website to create online bookings
  • Availability widget - integrate SeatOn widget into your website, and allow the customers to check table availability, and add themselves to the waiting list

For details about these features please visit Reservation widget help page, and the Availability widget help page