Home Dashboard - old version


SeatOn Web - Home Dashboard - old version


Home dashboard screen is the entry point of the SeatOn Web application, the one that is first shown to user after a successful login, as on the picture below:

Home dashboard shows current performance of your restaurant, including what happened since last login, overview of customer stats, current stats of occupied tables, brief current performance and today's expected arrivals. Dashboard is divided in seven sections:

  1. Today's performance diagram
  2. Number of changes since the last login
  3. Today's expected arrivals
  4. Table management
  5. Customer relationship management
  6. Reporting
  7. Settings


1. Today's performance diagram

This section contains today's performance diagram which gives current restaurant performance on hourly basis, including visit statistics, and compares it to the same day from the previous week:

On the panel on the right side of the performance graph, daily performance information is displayed which includes:

  • Occupancy rate - current daily occupancy rate, and sum of all covers
  • Revenue - today's total revenue, and average revenue per cover
  • Tips - today's total tips and average tips per cover
  • No-show - total number of no-show events, and their percentage in total number of today's events

Please note that for this section, only finished visits are taken into account.


2. Number of changes since the last login

In this section you can check total number of changes since the last usage of the SeatOn Web application, including:

  • New customers registered
  • New customer feedback received
  • New reservations created
  • Open online reservation requests (pre-reservations)
  • Number of recently canceled reservations

3. Today's expected arrivals

This section shows today's expected arrivals, including today's reservations, and waitlisted arrivals, along with the following information:

  • Total number of expected arrivals
  • Total sum of expected covers
  • List of arrivals with basic details for each arrival:
    • Time of arrival
    • Table name
    • Number of covers
    • Customer name

Clicking on the button "All expected arrivals" will take you to the Table management page where you can check details about all expected arrivals.


4. Table management

Table management module of the application manages whole procedure from customer arrival to customer walkout. It handles all type of your guests' arrivals, including walk-in, reservation, waitlist and walkout management . In the table management module you can create reservations, handle walk-in guests, as well as add customers to the waiting list, and finally, manage customer walkouts. 

This section also shows current status of the tables:

  • Number of available tables
  • Number of occupied tables including sum of all covers on the occupied tables
  • Number of expected arrivals including sum of all covers
  • Number of waitlist entries including sum of all covers

Clicking on the Table management link will take you to the Table Dashboard page.

SeatOn Clover application supports management of the process from customer arrival to customer walkout as well.


5. Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management module records customer information, feedback, visiting habits, and spending behavior to the customer database. By analyzing customer data, it is possible to trace top customers and loyal guests, as well as check for frequent no-show customers, and eventually restrict reservations for them. 

This section also gives insight to some key indicators related to customers:

  • Number of all registered customers
  • Percentage of visits made by registered customers
  • Percentage of revenue generated by registered customers
  • Average spend per cover by registered customers
  • Comparison of average spend per cover by registered customers in relation to average spend by non-registered customers

Clicking on the Customer management link will take you to the Customer Dashboard page.


6. Reporting

Reporting module contains number of different reports with extensive analytics, such as visit statistics, aggregated spending trend, occupancy rate and employee performance. It is intended to users who want to  improve and grow their business, recognize new opportunities and maximize profit.

This section displays links to the available reports:

Clicking on the Reports link will take you to the Reports dashboard page.



Through Settings pages you can customize SeatOn application to match your restaurant's needs. Here you can set up your floor, including areas and tables definitions, notification messages, customer membership, check your employees data, set up employees' restrictions and track their performance.

This section displays some information about the current settings of your restaurant:

  • Number of employees
  • Number of areas and tables, as well as total sum of all available seats
  • Links to the Employees settings and Floor settings.


Clicking on the Settings link will take you to the General Settings page.