SeatOn Web - Overview


SeatOn Web - Overview


  1. Start the SeatOn Web application
  2. Access rights in the SeatOn Web application
  3. Web page layout


1. Start the SeatOn Web application

To access the SeatOn Web application, log onto your Clover account using Clover credentials and go to the application list on the Clover dashboard. SeatOn Web application is accessed by clicking on the SeatOn icon as marked on the picture below:

Once you click on the SeatOn icon, a new window will open, and SeatOn web application will start.

Web application consists of the following modules:

  • Home Dashboard - application entry point
  • Tables - table management, walk-in, reservation, waitlist and walkout management
  • Customers - customer relationship management, check statistics, feedback and generated revenue by customers
  • Reports - performance reporting and analytics. This module is accessible only to users of the SeatOn Web application with Manager role.
  • Settings - SeatOn application customization and employee performance.


2. Access rights in the SeatOn Web application

There are two types of access rights which SeatOn application users recognizes:

  • Restaurant owner and restaurant management (Clover roles Owner, Manager) - have access to all functionalities of the SeatOn Web application
  • Restaurant employees (Clover role Employee) - have access to all modules except module Reports


3. Web page layout

In general, SeatOn Web screen is laid out in three sections:

  1. Shortcut bar - includes shortcuts to most used pages and functions:
    • Search event -
    • Reservation center -
    • Create new reservation -
    • Add to waitlist -
    • Log out -
    • Help for current screen -
    • Link to help pages -
    • Link to SeatOn product page -
  2. Menu - contains links to all pages, as well as following quick links:
    • Today's reservations -
    • Open pre-reservations -
    • Wait list -
    • Walk-in -
    • Active visits -
    • Reservation center -
    • Search -
  3. Page content - content of a selected page


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