Seaton Online Reservation Page with Seating Options

Seaton Online Reservations - Seating Options


If your business requires an online reservation page where the customer will have the option to choose their seating preference (e.g. INSIDE, OUTSIDE, etc.), then this is a reservation page you should consider setting up in SeatOn and let your customers choose from available seating options.

The below picture shows an example of an online reservation page with seating options:

Set up instructions

The online reservation page is possible to set up only through SeatOn Web application, so please log to the SeatOn Web application as the first step in the setup procedure. 

Please note that these setup instructions assume that your floor plan and business hours are already defined in the system. If your floor is still not defined, please follow instructions to set up a floor plan and/or business hours in the SeatOn system.

The below picture contains a numbered mark for each part of the online reservation page which can be customized. For each numbered item in the picture, please find setup instructions and descriptions in the text below the picture.

  1. Contact details - phone number, email address, and restaurant home page address you can define in Settings/Notifications page
  2. Location map - not mandatory, however, if you define your business location coordinates on the map, it can help your customers to find you easily using driving directions. Location coordinates can be defined on the page Settings/Online Reservation/Settings, tab "Reservation page". Also, follow this link for instructions on how to obtain your business location coordinates.
  3. Note to customers & Need to know messages - general information messages for customers about the restaurant, as well as important messages about fees, general rules and hygiene measures. Define these messages on the page Settings/Online Reservation/Settings, tab "Messages"
  4. Date chooser - dates and business hours which are open for online reservations are defined on the page Settings/Business hours. Follow this link for details about the business hours setup.
  5. Guest party size - customers choose a number of persons for their reservations by clicking on a number. You can set the maximum and minimum number of persons which will be shown in this chooser. This is done on the page Settings/Online Reservation/Settings, tab "Settings". Follow this link for details about the setup
  6. Products - optionally, you can define custom products and allow your customers to choose a product from a drop-down list when making a reservation. Depending on a product type, the application determines the length of the event. Alternatively, you can allow customers to choose event length by themselves instead of products, or you can use the default setup, which does not allow customers to choose anything in this step. In the default setup, the event length is determined automatically based on the time of the event. The setup for this option is done on the page "Settings/Products". Follow this link for details about the setup of products and event duration.
  7. Seating option - allow your customers to choose their seating option, i.e. the preferred location in your restaurant (inside, outside, terrace, etc.) in which they want to have their seat. Define your seating options on the page Settings/Online Reservation/Settings, tab "Seating Options". Follow this link for details about seating options setup.
  8. Reservation fees - if you want to charge your customers for reservations, you must enable online reservation fees, specify fee amounts, and fee charge conditions. Setting up online reservation fees is done on the page Settings/Online Reservation/Settings, tab "Settings", caption "Online reservation fee".  For details about online reservation fees setup, please follow this link.