Announcements - Nov 17, 2021

Nov 17, 2021

The SeatOn team is pleased to announce the release of SeatOn version 2.6.

The update includes new features and many improvements. Here is a list of main improvements:

  • Time slots support re-designed - significantly improved for offline and online reservations, limitation on time slot level supported
  • Timeline for SeatOn web application - timeline page implemented as  part of SeatOn Web application, drag and drop of events supported (you can easily reassign  tables or move the event to a different time)
  • Reservation overview page added to SeatOn Web application -  yearly overview on the upcoming reservation gives an excellent insight into a reservation in following days/months
  • Notification on event update - send a notification to guests on email or text message when the event updated in the application
  •  ... and many other improvements