Announcements - Jul 15, 2020

July 15, 2020

The SeatOn team is pleased to announce the release of SeatOn version 2.3.

The update includes new features and many improvements. Here is a list of main improvements:

  • Table assignment automation - automatic table assignment for reservation created by guest (Online and IVR) 
  • Event alerts - the possibility to receive an email alert when reservation and waitlist events are created or changed.
  • Reassign tables amongst events - if you are not pleased on how tables are assigned automatically, the table can be reassigned at any time
  • Android Flex/Flex 2 support added - event close at payment supported
  • Online reservation and waitlist redesigned - improved look and feel
  • Notification emails redesigned - improved look and feel, added more information
  • Reservation duration - option to offer the guest possibility to define duration while creating an online reservation
  • Reservation cancel option in notification emails - allow the guest possibility to cancel event trough notification emails
  • Disable table for usage - possibility to disable table for being used for any events
  • Disable online reservation - possibility to disable online reservation for a defined or undefined time 
  • Push notifications to Clover device - send a notification to Clover device when reservation created and table not assign, or reservation canceled, or customer added to waitlist online
  • Reservation times - time slot defined as time step or list of available reservation time can be defined
  • Customer details capture for IVR reservations - capture first and last name and email address when guest create a reservation using IVT
  • Cancel event list - cancel event counter at the home dashboard
  • Reservation print out - print reservation list for a specific date
  •  ... and many other improvements