Announcements - Apr 9, 2021

April 9, 2021

The SeatOn team is pleased to announce the release of SeatOn version 2.4.

The update includes new features and many improvements. Here is a list of main improvements:

  • Product implementation - support for various products (not only standard meals). The product definition is fully customizable.
  • Seating options -  on the online reservation page, guests can choose preferred seating (Inside, Outside, etc.). No limitations in the number of seating options. 
  • New home dashboard - significant improvement of the home dashboard of SeatOn web application
  • Online reservation page redesigned - improved online reservation page look new customization options
  • Arrivals limitation - maximum number of events that can be created for a single time slot
  • Reservation center upgraded - support for a weekly view
  • SeatOn Clover setup wizard - setup wizard will simplify the onboarding process
  • Event capacity change - support for event capacity change 
  • Confirmation and reminder notification improvement - failover capability added. Example: If text messaged delivery failed (mobile phone switched off) notification will be sent through email if defined
  • Second email provider integrated - significant improvement in the availability of email service
  •  ... and many other improvements