Announcements - Nov 14, 2020

November 14, 2020

The SeatOn team is pleased to announce the release of SeatOn version 2.3.1

The update includes new features and many improvements. Here is a list of main improvements:

  • Reservation fee - reservation fee charge for online reservations (fix amount and amour per person possible)
  • Refund of reservation fee - possibility to refund reservation fee directly in the SeatOn app
  • New reservation widget - new reservation widget for better integration with web page
  • Special business day - possibility to define working hours for single days different than standard business hours
  • Cancelation policy - possible to define a time when cancelation of reservation by the guest is not possible through an online channel
  • Cancel notification - when the reservation is canceled by staff, the system will send a notification (email or text message) to guest
  • Confirmation message via text message - possibility to choose if you want to send a confirmation message to your guest via text message or email
  • Disable table(s) for online reservations - option to disable one or more tables for online reservation only
  • Minimum cover for online reservations - option to define a minimum number of persons required for online reservation
  • Event note edit - possibility to update event note left by the guest
  • Event details page - improved in page design
  •  ... and many other improvements